Exhibition_ Junk × User’s Guide

    쓰레기 × 사용설명서 Exhibition period :  19 July - 31 October 2017 Exhibition Venue :  National Folk Museum of Korea special exhibition hall 1,2   ○ 제목 : <쓰레기X사용설명서> ○ 장소 : 국립민속박물관 기획전시실 Ⅰ․Ⅱ ○ 기간 : 2017.07.19(수) ~ 10.31(화) / 총 105일 ○ 주최 : 국립민속박물관 ○ 전시 자료 - ‘거름통’, ‘넝마 [...]

Exhibition_ Leder/Leather

  Leder/Leather 01 SEP 2016  -  01 OCT 2016 Galerie Handwerk   "Galerie Handwerk has set this year the subject material as a main focus. For the first time, therefore, an exhibition will deal exclusively with leather as a material of the craft. As so often we would therefore direct our attention to a phenomenon [...]

Exhibition_ Counterpoint

    CounterPoint - Two person show  Enameled jewellery and bowls by Heejoo Kim and Young-I Kim Galeria Reverso in Lisbon 16. February - 15. March  2016   "With the exhibition Counterpoint Reverso presents to the Portuguese public the work of two South Korean artists, highlighting the contrasts and similarities that their works inevitably raise" [...]

Exhibition_ From Jeju Sea/ 제주 바다로부터

    From Juju Sea / 제주 바다로부터 - 바다 쓰레기로 만든 장신구 A part of Jeju beach combing project "Jaejudojoa"(재주도좋아) - Jewelry made of sea waste from the JeJu Sea.     해변의 의미없는 쓰레기가 비치코머의 경험과 취향에 따라 수집이라는 필터를 거쳐 금속공예작가에게 전달되면, 작가는 그것을 간직하고 싶은 보석으로 만듭니다. 형태와 의미는 바뀌지만 그것은 [...]

Exhibition_ LIVE

  Live: memories in one’s mind, life, energetic living style. To continue to live, one must change the way they live; hence, it influences one’s life directly. One might give a bouquet of flower as a representation of their emotions; or book a ticket to fly to the south of France to enjoy a trip [...]