Fifth Season



I remember I used to play kitchen with barks, leaves, and fruits of plane trees, acacia trees and thornbushes. The memories are still vivid, and they have a unique touch, smell and colors. I was scared of dampness and dreariness from thick woods behind the house, and the distinctive smell still stays with me. In contrast, life of greens rejuvenates my fatigued body, refreshing eyes. Plants with strong energy in spite of weak appearance bring me to the world of extraordinary fantasies, or to the world of full vitality.

I learn the wonders and the strangeness of life from insectivorous plants and cactuses that have adapted to the poor environment to survive. Wonder leads us to give full play to our imagination. The plants give off tenacious vitality in an instinctive and direct way, and are revived through my work. The revived life, as strong one, will live an eternal life in the dreamy world where time seems to stop. The beginning of the new life starts by my work.