Exhibition_ Leder/Leather



01 SEP 2016  –  01 OCT 2016

Galerie Handwerk


“Galerie Handwerk has set this year the subject material as a main focus. For the first time, therefore, an exhibition will deal exclusively with leather as a material of the craft. As so often we would therefore direct our attention to a phenomenon craftsmanship and emphasize its importance for our everyday life.”


A special material
With leather we are daily in contact, like with clothes. Leather is skin and is again in some cases to a second skin for humans. Due to the fact that this material comes from animals and has been refined over and over again in the course of human history and holds countless applications in the art and include the leather, but also the parchment to the specific materials of the craft.

Stability and high structural strength in industrial products such as belts, but also flexibility, suppleness and velvety surfaces, as in the wild or chamois, and a distinctive smell are typical characteristics. In its long tradition as a natural material, the leather processing has now obtained in high quality craftsmanship in custom-made shoes, furniture, bags, belts, and even sports equipment and fashion.

Leather crafts
Leather also plays in the exclusive furnishing of interiors and cars a significant role. The exhibition at Galerie crafts will deal with the traditional use of leather in the heel region, with shoemakers in Saddlery and in Feintäschnerhandwerk through to bookbinding crafts, gloves and contemporary jewelery.

Bags into a contemporary fashion accessory will play a special role. Rohleder from tanneries and the classical tools of leather processing are part of this exhibition, as well as the tactile pleasure that provides the touch of individual types of leather. The Tracht Information Centre of Upper Bavaria in Benediktbeuern we thank very much for their loans.

The gallery Crafts is sponsored by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology.






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