Exhibition Project – It’s a Pleasure to Meet You!



It’s a Pleasure to Meet You! – East Asia young jewellers

Produced by Heejoo Kim, Sooyeon Kim and Jungeun Park

26. May – 04. Jun  2017

Gallery Baum, Heyri  South Korea




It’s a Pleasure to Meet You!

Through participation in art jewelry exhibitions in Europe, the United States, Japan, Taiwan and China we have been introduced to the talent of some exceptional artists. Although Korea is regionally and culturally close to the latter three countries, and many of the jewelers are internationally recognized, their contribution to the field had until recently been relatively unknown to us. After seeing the inspirational work of these young Asian artists first hand, it was truly our pleasure to invite a select group from Japan, Taiwan and China to participate in this exhibition.

The show, aptly titled, “It’s a Pleasure to Meet You!” brings together unique viewpoints of 3 Korean, 3 Japanese, 4 Taiwanese and 1 Chinese contemporary art jewelers. While no one artist’s work can come to symbolize an entire culture, each participant explains their personal and distinct world through unique use of material, traditional technique, and gendered perspective. By exhibiting these disparate works collectively we hope to present a sample of the uniqueness in the East Asian voice of art jewelry, while simultaneously introducing a train of thought or glimpse towards future, regional movements.



Korea – Heejoo Kim   Sooyeon Kim   Jungeun Park

Japan –  Akihiro Ikeyama   Takashi Kojima   Fumiki Taguchi

Taiwan – Shu-Lin Wu   Wen-Hsien Hsu   Wen-Miao Yeh   Ching-Chih Wu

China –  Xiao Liu







Exhibition view





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