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Live: memories in one’s mind, life, energetic living style. To continue to live, one must change the way they live; hence, it influences one’s life directly.

One might give a bouquet of flower as a representation of their emotions; or book a ticket to fly to the south of France to enjoy a trip alone; or without thought about the numbers on the scale so they can eat as much as they desire; or save as much money as possible just to build ones dream house. Those emotions might become the most impressive memories in our minds, the vivid color of the flowers, the temperature and texture of the coffee that is encountered with your tongue, or simply the date on the ticket stub. The artists use those objects, landscapes and memories of their sensations, to transform the essential inspiration into the art work. Because of different living experiences, artists are able to create their unique aesthetic and different personality.

On different occasions, we tend to choose different jewelry to wear. Artists get inspired from different materials they have found, different forms of objects they have encountered, and personal experience they have gone through, which are presented in their artworks and developed more into details. We are proud to have invited several jewelry creators to show their aesthetic life, through different visions of their interpretation of “jewelry”.