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GBJ project #3

Gallery Biró Junior was founded in 2012 as the Junior Project Gallery Biró.
Under the direction of Kinga Zobel GBJ is aimed at a young audience. As a complement to the established gallery Biró Kinga Zobel supporting the young international talent. In an intensive exchange with changing exhibitions and through increased publicity is to accompany Kinga Zobel target young artists in their development.

Deliberately omitted GBJ on fixed gallery spaces, also allow them makes a mark for their willingness to break new ground. The exhibitions are held in SCHMUCK :: RAUM, which are vacant property, stores, or host galleries.

With projects abroad, or events such as the SCHMUCK-show Kinga Zobel want to make international attention to the jewelry art, Munich as jewelry business is it the ideal base. _ View original text

GBJ SCHMUCK – Raum zu gast in der Galerie Jordanow

09/03 – 21/03/2015

Zieblandstr. 19, 80799 Munich