Exhibition_ Schmuck Wander




17.- 22. September 2013

Bratislava Design Week 2013


Schmuck Wander project is an international event initiated by Slovak artists working in the field of artistic jewelry that promotes not only caused by work and participating artists, but the very idea of co-operation artists through the medium of fine jewelry. In the first two years of the project we asked well-known Slovak and Czech jewelers. They create the initial part of the future of jewelry or object and send it to another author to continue the completion of his. In 2013, we compared the previous volumes have altered the concept of a successful author into the hands of as starting material were tiny fragments of silver made by the most famous Slovak jeweler Anton Cepka. Fresh third year of the project will Schmuck Wander along with the other two presented at the September Bratislava Design Week.


Treasure Boxes_ Small silver fragments from Anton Cepka, wooden box from Karla Olšáková, and I placed and fixed the fragments with red thread on the copper frame.

Enameled Copper, Thread(Brooch), Silver Fragments, Wood