Jewellery Project with UUL: National Art Museum, Seoul



Jewellery made of materials of ‘KIMUSA’

Now these peices are shown in National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

UUL will be built on 27,402㎡ plot of land located in Yulgok-ro 1-gil, Jongno-gu (Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu). The plot is neighbor to Gyeongbok Palace, a symbolic landmark of the Joseon Dynasty, and walking distance from Changdeok Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage. The area is also home to a spatter of various modern art galleries. With the Bukchon Hanok (traditional housing) Village to the east, Gwanghwamun Square to the southwest, and the Insa-dong Street to the southeast, UUL will be established in an area central to Korean history and culture.


The site of the future UUL is rich in history, home to Jongchinbu (Office of Royal Family Affairs), Gyujanggak (Royal Library), Saganwon (Office of Censors) and various other royal institutes. In particular, the Gyunggeundang and Okcheopdang, the main and annex buildings within the Jongchinbu, were relocated in 1980 to their current location at the Jeongdok Library, but the foundation stones remain at the future site. UUL is currently coordinating with the Cultural Heritage Administration and related authorities to harmoniously blend aspects of the new museum with the Jongchinbu.


Defense Security Command
The key organization that kept the balance of the royal regime
1971’s Security Command acquired the building that had been used as the army hospital
1977’s Security Commands of three forces were integrated
1991’s Named as Defense Security Command
2008’s Defense Security Command was relocated to Gwacheon
2008’s The main building of Defense Security Command was designated as Registered Cultural Heritage of Korea No. 375