Selected works_ AJF Artist Award

AJF Artist Award_ selected as one of the five finalists


Five Finalists Named for Top American Prize

Mill Valley, California, November 10, 2014—Art Jewelry Forum (AJF) is pleased to announce the five finalists for the 2014 AJF Artist Award for emerging artists. One winner will be selected from this short list and announced in December 2014. Applications were received from 123 artists in 27 countries.

Criteria used in the judging were originality, depth of concept, and quality of craftsmanship. The criteria were revised this year to include emerging as well as young artists under 35. Jurors for the 2013 competition were Carin Reinders, director of CODA, Apeldoorn, Netherlands; Karen Rotenberg, founder and director of Alianza Contemporary Craft and collector of contemporary jewelry; and Sooyeon Kim, jeweler and recipient of the 2013 AJF Artist Award. Jurors met in October and selected the following five finalists for the 2014 AJF Artist Award: Attai Chen, Benedikt Fischer, Lauren Kalman, Heejoo Kim, and Seulgi Kwon.

Heejoo Kim

Masters Fine Art, Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea, 2011

Kim HeejooKim HeejooKim Heejoo

“The process of putting metal layers on the object carved out of wax in a bath by electroforming means life creation. The thickness of piled layers represents time, and colors mainly expressed in my works mean accumulation of time. Through this process, my works are born with powerful vitality beyond the flow of time.

—Heejoo Kim

“I was quite impressed by this work and the surface treatments. The forms are beautifully conceived, original, and wearable.”

—Karen Rotenberg

Works of the Artist Award finalists will exhibit on Platina gallery at Handwerksmesse.

Exhibition_ ‘Émaux at this moment’ – International Exhibition of Contemporary Enamel Jewelry and Objects

BANDEAU-1-Jamie-2 BANDEAU-2-Jamie



Émaux at this moment



Curated by Jamie Bennett

From October 17 to November 16, 2014, Galerie Noel Guyomarc’h is please to display contemporary enamel work by 23 international artists. Curated by Jamie Bennett, renowned American jewelry artist, this exhibition offers an overview of the current use of enamel in contemporary jewelry and objects.

Participating artists:

Johan van Aswegen | Atsuko Bauman | Kate Bauman Mess | Alicia Jane Boswell | Stephen Bottomley | Helen Carnac | Bettina Dittlmann | Carolina Gimeno |Arthur Hash | Kaori Juzu | Heejoo Kim | Stefano Marchetti | Myra Mimlitsch-Gray | Qu Mengnan | Sarah Perkins | Philip Sajet | Barbara Seidenath | Bettina Speckner | Jessica Turrell | Graziano Visintin | Silvia Walz |

Annamaria Zanella & Jamie Bennett

«This exhibition was conceived to point at a particular phenomenon that is occurring in contemporary jewelry internationally. Enamel as color, surface and image has been reinvigorated and to some degree reinvented as a significant material used by jewelers and metalsmiths internationally. While jewelry has certainly been the primary benefactor and represents the larger part of this exhibition, there has also been a great shift in its use on vessels and tile work.

For most of the twentieth century enamel was defined and executed in very specific processes, such as cloisonné, champlevé and Limoges, all very traditional and refined. Modernism did have its influence on more gestural enamel work in the mid fifties and early sixties but even that became formulaic and predictable.

The advent of experimentation with a wide range of materials used by jewelers from the late 20th century to where we are today brought a new curiosity and interest in enamel as a material and not a specific process related to it. The qualities of enamel that drew interest were the inherent characteristics of a vitreous powder that needed a substrate of metal, onto which it melted, flowed and hardened. These became the defining properties jewelers and metalsmiths were interested in without the boundaries of particular processes. The use of enamel by jewelers in this exhibition can be quite raw and in other cases well rendered, but each piece demonstrates a willingness and determination to see what this material can do well.

Contemporary jewelry has for some decades witnessed a shift toward a more democratic use of materials, where plastic stands beside gold, and coal replaces diamonds. Traditional materials were traded in or juxtaposed with materials that possessed a more abstracted value. While the seed of this shift was in part socio/ political and an attempt to rid contemporary jewelry of its status as a symbol of luxury, the qualities of the “new” materials themselves began to manifest their own presence in the work.

All materials have inherent meaning, but they also have a visual presence that can be used to reinforce what we think jewelry can be and should be. Enamel as a material and a practice has and will continue to hold qualities that contribute to the field of jewelry and metalwork. It is very exciting to see work from all corners of the world where one material has gained a new momentum and its appearance has been adjusted to fulfill our needs from jewelry and metalwork today. To borrow a phrase from painting, enamel is not dead, it has many ways of occuring and that is clearly apparent in the jewelry and metalwork in EMAUX AT THIS MOMENT.»

Jamie Bennett

Exhibition curator


4836 boul. St-Laurent, Montréal, QC | H2T 1R5 |  |




Exhibition_ Exposition Bijoux Contemporains



Jewellery Exhibition in Galerie Diane Eric Lhoste

15 July- 13 September 2014

Galerie Diane Eric Lhoste

25 Avenue Edouard Vll 64 200-Biarritz France




Exhibition_ Transformed 2014



Transformed 2014

Vogoze Art and Craft Seoul

13 May – 23 June 2014


Participated Artists_ Annelies Planteijdt  Carolina Apolonia  Eunmi Chun  Jeemin-Chung  Karin Johansson  Heejoo Kim  Sooyoen Kim  Mirei Takeuchi  Ramon Puig- Cuyas  Kyeyoen Son  Timothy Veske-Mcmahon





Exhibition_ ‘Blossom’

Meling Point in Valencia_ La Basilica Galeria





Exhibition_Craft Festival ‘溫•技’

The Chiwoo Craft Museum Special Exhibition_ Craft festival: 溫•技

Culture Station Seoul 284

11 Feb – 2 Mar 2014

Exhibition_ Craft Trend Fair 2013 ‘Small Treasures’

Craft Trend Fair 2013


19 – 22 Dec 2013



Exhibition_ Schmuck Wander




17.- 22. September 2013

Bratislava Design Week 2013


Schmuck Wander project is an international event initiated by Slovak artists working in the field of artistic jewelry that promotes not only caused by work and participating artists, but the very idea of co-operation artists through the medium of fine jewelry. In the first two years of the project we asked well-known Slovak and Czech jewelers. They create the initial part of the future of jewelry or object and send it to another author to continue the completion of his. In 2013, we compared the previous volumes have altered the concept of a successful author into the hands of as starting material were tiny fragments of silver made by the most famous Slovak jeweler Anton Cepka. Fresh third year of the project will Schmuck Wander along with the other two presented at the September Bratislava Design Week.


Treasure Boxes_ Small silver fragments from Anton Cepka, wooden box from Karla Olšáková, and I placed and fixed the fragments with red thread on the copper frame.

Enameled Copper, Thread(Brooch), Silver Fragments, Wood





Exhibition_ WEAR/AWARE – New Asian Jewellery



WEAR / AWARE – New Asian Jewellery

Looking beyond the horizon, where the sun rises slowly from the East.  The new energy is ramping up and launching out.

In the past 20 years, the new generation of young creatives from Asia has set foot in other continents like Europe, America, or Australia to learn more about contemporary jewellery, the conceptual way of making jewellery originated in the relatively “West” land. Carrying different cultural background with them, these young Asian creatives reposition themselves and find themselves again throughout the process.

For “WEAR /AWARE” exhibition, MANO has invited 8 young artists from Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and China to get a taste of new Asian jewellery.  To see how the Oriental artists are using jewellery as media to visualize concept, to tell personal story, to place question about daily life and aesthetics, or to reflect on one’s cultural background.

From Taiwan, there is Ara Kuo who uses traditional calligraphy brushes to give new interpretation of home.  Shu-Lin Wu’s “Mon Coeur” series uses the fire endurable quality of ceramics to connect the heart and soul. Alice Bo-Wen Chang explores the relationship between body, space and object(s) through her kinetic and structural body sculptures. From Thai artist Noon Passama, basic buttons gets thousand faces being imagined as people who appear in different ways.  South Korean artist Heejoo Kim creates the fifth season with her unique use of materials. Jeehyun Chung investigates material composition and transforms simple fishing line into marvel. From Japan, Mariko Sumioka’s work pays tribute to Japanese traditional architecture and the respect for natural surroundings. Last but not least, Chinese artist Xiao Liu adopts grains and dust as material of his work to reveal the spiritual capacity of human being.

Point to the horizon and point back to ourselves. This is who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. “WEAR / AWARE” have strung together these oriental pearls awaiting you to discover. And the string of connection is the oriental implicit delicacy and beauty.


時間:2013.08.01 (四/Thurs.) – 09.08 (日/Sun.) 

          13:00 – 21:00 (週一公休/Mon. closed)


          MANO Contemporary Jewellery& Object

          台北市大安區泰順街16巷4號 找到咖啡內

          No.4, Ln.16, Taishun St., Da’an Dist, Taipei City 10648, Taiwan

酒會:2013.08.03(六/Sat.)14:00 -17:00

電話:02-2365 2519